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Anshuman Kukreti 4 common interview questions for a chef job in the UAE
Tuesday, 30th June 2015


Anshuman Kukreti Skills Required to Score an Interior Designing Job in the UAE
Friday, 22nd May 2015


Anshuman Kukreti How to Ace Your First Teaching Job in the UAE?
Sunday, 12th April 2015


Anshuman Kukreti
Sunday, 15th March 2015


Anshuman Kukreti Teaching in the UAE: The Skills You Should Have
Wednesday, 11th February 2015


Anshuman Kukreti A Job-seeker in the UAE? Food sector is here to your Rescue
Sunday, 4th January 2015


Admin- Uaehrzone The Master of Business Administration (MBA) as a course off
Tuesday, 13th September 2011


Admin- Uaehrzone Shipping and Logistics Jobs in Dubai
Tuesday, 13th September 2011


Admin- Uaehrzone Teaching Jobs in Dubai
Tuesday, 13th September 2011


Admin- Uaehrzone Cultural Tourism in Dubai
Monday, 5th September 2011


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UAE National Day holidays: 5-day break for public sector
UAE HR News posted on Saturday, 8th November 2014

On the occasion of the UAE's National Day, all ministries and federal departments in the country are to be closed from Tuesday, December 2, 2014 to Thursday, December 4, 2014, with work resuming...

Nine things to know about UAE labor laws
UAE HR News posted on Tuesday, 4th November 2014

Employment issues in the UAE have certain unique characteristics reflective of the country's social fabric, cultural values and economic considerations. It is, therefore, imperative that foreign...

Dubai's expat pension plan now at UAE-level consideration
UAE HR News posted on Tuesday, 4th November 2014

A pension plan for expatriates is being discussed at the federal level, claims a senior government official. "As far as we know the issue is now being handled at the federal level," the...

Rents in Dubai 'not dropping': Emirates 24|7 poll
UAE HR News posted on Friday, 31st October 2014

Local and global real estate consultancies may be releasing reports that reveal rents declining in Dubai, but 53 per cent of respondents in a poll conducted by Emirates 24|7 said 'rents were...

Emaar unit to launch 'affordable housing' in the UAE
UAE HR News posted on Thursday, 30th October 2014

An associate company of Emaar Properties , Dubai's largest real estate developer, will soon launch an affordable housing project in the UAE, the company chairman told Emirates 24|7. "There is...

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