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Shipping and Logistics Jobs in Dubai

by Admin- Uaehrzone, Tuesday, 13th September 2011

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The core sector of the United Arab Emirates’ economy is the shipping and logistics industry. This is a vital sector in that it includes the responsibility for the transport of oil products from petroleum mining and the transport of these to the next destination, up to the end process of the product to the destination of distribution to world markets.
Dubai is the major shipping center in the Middle East, the key transit point for products like petroleum, crude oil, gas and construction materials all of which comprise the key elements to the prominence of the city’s logistics industry.
Inland transportation, shipping and freight logistic industry is a major sector that provides employment to thousands of foreign workers deployed in the United Arab Emirates. Shipping companies based in Dubai offer job opportunities for the following key personnel: masters, captains, merchant navy officers, cargo vessel stewards, engineers, freight agents, and other functional staff to work in their booking, chartering, forwarding, trading, linear, freight and other shipping-related works functions for their cruise ships, cargo liners, container ships, oil tankers, and bulk carriers. Transport companies recruit for positions like those of logistics managers, facilities managers, transport managers, account managers, marketing executives, sales analysts, as well as tanker drivers, truck drivers, bus drivers, cleaners, mechanics, transport security officers, security guards, courier delivery agents, and transport contractors.
International freight companies usually provide logistics services that cover all activities in air freight, sea freight, canal transit through the world’s major canals, multi-model transportation, road transportation, courier services, sure lines, perishable logistics, removal services, warehousing, supply chain management and services and project cargo servicing to any point of the globe. They also provide marine services including offshore and ship-to-ship transfer.
A career in the shipping and logistics industry offers good compensation and a pleasant work environment that encourages openness and creativity. This career is also a possible gateway to personnel and professional development. It usually involves travels to different countries of destination. Opportunities to go to places other than the base city abound. Visiting other continents and exposure to different environments and cultures provide opportunities to educate those who land in this profession. These add up to the chance towards self-fulfillment in the kind of work this career brings. This line of work is far from easy though; extra care matched with accurate moves and decisions before each travel/transport transaction must be taken in order to avoid extra costs and wasted manhours. Close transaction monitoring is needed with respect to freight services because any extra activity brought about by mistakes will cost money and additional effort.
Due to the nature of work in this field, companies in Dubai believe that the key to business success is excellent management and meticulous manpower hiring to ensure only well-qualified personnel. Recruitment of good staff and excellent training in the nature of the business and pertinent line of work are crucial. Proper training, discipline, and knowledge of the company business are tools to maintain efficient business flow.
Qualified individuals, both local and foreign, are encouraged to get into this career which spells opportunities that satisfy love for even discriminating lifestyle. As Dubai continues to produce oil and gas for worldwide distribution, shipping and logistic employment shall continue, bringing opportunities to people around the world.


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Author: Admin- Uaehrzone

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junaid , dubai , UAE :

Me would like to get start of with logistic career ,so please help me to fulfill my dreams.
07/10/2011 12:41:50 PM

SHERIN , Kottayam , India :

Respected sir/mada
my name is sherin s nazeer iam a male nurse i got 5 year experence in emargancy department and dialysis and ambulance nurse.any i would like to work in your company.any vacancy for nurse plese contact me asoon as possible
15/10/2011 3:45:22 AM

SHERIN , Kottayam , India :

Respected sie/madam
my name is sherin s nazeer.iam a male nurse i got 5 year experence in emargancy deprtment , dialysis .and ambulance nurse.i would like to work in your .company any vacancy for nurse job plese contact me asoon as possible
15/10/2011 3:50:43 AM

bibinu , bangalore , india :

I'm Bibinu a graduate from india. I'm currently looking for a career opportunity in dubai. I got 7 months experience in marketing which includes (sales, relationship and management). I would like to contribute myself utilizing my skills, So as the organization can achieve their goals. Please contact me at +919886039901 or mail ma at: if any opportunities are vaccant.
Hoping for the best...
thanks and regards,
bibinu Ajith
22/11/2011 3:22:14 AM

dhrubotara , chittagong , bangladesh :

hi..dear..i am a physician.from bangladesh.i have passed my MBBS from bangladesh since i a
m interested to work in uae as a gp.can i get a job without passing moh exam.
01/02/2012 3:58:46 AM

Ismail Jatti , dubai , UAE :

I'm Ismail a graduate from morocco " MULTIMODAL LOGISTIC AND INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT ORGNIZER". I'm cuurently working in DUBAI and I'm looking for opportunity where I can use my skills on logistics and supply chain management,

can you help me ?
14/02/2012 2:45:16 AM

Livingston samuel , Chennai , India :

Iam samuel with and MBA post graduation, working in aditiya brila retail ltd in supplychain,production and logistics.
I keenly waiting for working in UAE.
Please do the needfull
09/05/2012 1:53:33 AM

jaseem hassan , Dubai , United Arab Emirates :

Respected madam/sir,

I am jaseem hassan, am graduate in commerce and additionally i had done IILMP course (Integrated International Logistics Management professional)and had six months experience in logistics organisation. presently i am in Dubai to hunt a job. hopefully waiting to get any help from your side.
18/06/2012 3:34:27 AM

Sudheesh Kumar , Dubai , UAE :

Respected mam/sir
I am a professinal graduate in Information technology(B.Tech)and am also a diploma holder in the same field.I have 2 year experience in Technopark Trivandrum Kerala India.Am now in Dubai for job hunt.I would like to work with you so plz do the needfull if am suitable
08/10/2012 12:12:41 PM


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