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The Master of Business Administration (MBA) as a course off

by Admin- Uaehrzone, Tuesday, 13th September 2011

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The Master of Business Administration (MBA) as a course offering in the cosmopolitan city of Dubai attracts people in various academic disciplines who want to gain higher education in this field. The MBA designation actually originated from the United States in response to the increasing industrialization demands, necessitating a higher level of scientific approaches to management. The MBA program was designed to introduce students to various areas of business such as accounting, banking and finance, marketing, human resources, operations management, among others. Students in MBA programs have the option of taking general business courses throughout the program or they can select an area of concentration and focus partly in a general business subject. The MBA degree has been adopted by many countries, both developing and developed ones. Now, MBA is offered worldwide, Dubai included, in order to help the academe produce highly educated individuals in the business field.
There are also accreditation bodies that work together to ensure the consistency and quality of graduates in business education by reviewing their respective programs vis-a-vis the accreditation quality standard. Many schools in different counties offer MBA education in any of these modes: part-time, full-time, executive or distant learning with specialized concentration.
MBA programs in Dubai, like in other countries, and these come in different types. It largely depends on the level of qualification and time availability of candidates to attend classes. An MBA course usually taken in two-years (18 months) full time which is why schools offer the Two-Year MBA program. There is also an Accelerated MBA which involves higher course load with more intense class and examination. A Part-time MBA is an after office and weekend classes typically for working professionals, while an Executive MBA (EMBA) is designed to meet educational needs of managers and executives which require work experience of 10 years or more. Distance learning MBA involves holding of classes off campus by means of email or correspondence, broadcast video or live video, teleconference, and offline or online courses. Business schools also offer a Dual MBA program for students who want to take and enroll in more than one field of specialization, course, or a degree and MBA enrolled at the same time for cost cut expenses.
Admission to the master's program is granted to qualified applicants who show high potential for success. They should take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) depending on which of these the business school prefers. Other requirements are: significant work experience, academic transcripts, essays, references or letters of recommendation, and personal interview. Depending on the type program to be taken, the type and length of experience can be a critical component of MBA programs.
The Executive MBA Program is to meet the needs of academically qualified professionals who wish to pursue an MBA degree while continuing to carry the full responsibilities of their jobs which tightens commitments and risks in high performance to both work and studies. The course work is rigorous and demanding with an educational experience which ranks among the finest available in the region today. Since this program is for working executives, a candidate should have a Masters Degree and a work experience with a minimum of 3 years. Candidates are assessed for their suitability to the program based on their educational qualifications and academic record, work experience, a test, group discussion, and personal interview.
Individuals who complete an MBA program are a step ahead in terms of chances to
climb up the organizational ladder. The degree confers enhanced prospects for professional growth.
MBA programs are offered in a long list of business schools in Dubai. Choices are
generally made based on considerations such as the schools’ reputation, location, schedules and tuition fees.
Participating to produce quality educated team leaders and professionals, Dubai business
institutions offer MBA in the region to help qualified individuals gain and develop interactive skills, strategic perspectives, and enhanced analytical and decision-making capabilities.


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Author: Admin- Uaehrzone

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Karan Singh , Chennai , India :

Thanks Admin for your valuable insights of MBA in Dubai. Its a eye opener. I am an engineer with a experience of around 4 years. I want to pursue my MBA from DUBAI.
I have some below queries:

-> Which are the best universities in dubai for MBA?
->How much pay(monthly) we are expected to pay when doing job and same time doing MBA ?
-> How is the job market for MBA's in dubai?

Please pardon me for bombarding to with these questions.
Thanks a lot in advance.

Best regards
karan (India)
01/04/2012 1:40:42 AM

sumith , Ajman , UAE :

Dear sir,
Please mail me which is the best colege to study MBA HR with a nominal fees in Dxb
11/04/2012 7:05:54 AM

ahmed muhammed , dubai , UAE :

kindly let me know anyonee where i can study MBA in supplychain mgmt or operation management/logistics maagement in affordable dubai..
11/11/2012 12:36:20 PM

Moses Ekunwe , Warri, Delta State , Nigeria :

I am a Nigerian who is interested in studying Master Degree in Dubia

Please furnish me with the tuition fees and application requirements

05/06/2013 4:31:52 AM


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