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Teaching in the UAE: The Skills You Should Have

by Anshuman Kukreti , Wednesday, 11th February 2015

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The UAE -idea of working in this country sounds quite synonymous to working in an economy proliferating with high thrust. Be it the finance sector or real estate, manufacturing industry or the food sector, boom has been witnessed in every segment.

Likewise, the education sector too has come up as a strong economic sphere. This can be easily validated from the fact that nearly 8,500 students are sent to study abroad for tertiary-level study and over 54,000 students are hosted in return by the country. Goes without saying that a career in teaching in the UAE stands as one of the most lucrative employment alternatives.

But, is it a cake walk?

Are there some subtleties you need to acquaint yourself with?

Yes, indeed there are. There are some skills you need to grow in order to be a successful teacher in the UAE. The most prominent ones are discussed below. Give them a glance to get a clearer picture.


Your Personal Learning Network

This is the first pre-requisite you need in order to be good with your profession. Call it a ‘personal learning  network’ or ‘professional learning network’, the imperative part is that you should know how to connect with other teachers, admins and most importantly students in the country. This would enhance your chances to find solutions with the help of a wider network and hence advisors, consequently enabling you to come across as a pragmatic person for the job.

Finds Ways to Acquire Resources

 There are abundant education technology resources in this arena. You can easily get familiar with the RSS reader and various tools for social news aggregation. Whilst having a Google reader account that you can curate over a period of time, you can also try Digg, Rockmelt and Zite. These might not necessarily be  education-based applications, but mobile news apps are quite indispensable for any teacher in this modern era.

Understand The Need to Blend Technology

With the concept of ‘Bring your own device’ being encouraged all across the UAE, technology has become a dire essential that you need to blend in your classes while teaching in this country. Moreover, nearly all schools across the GCC are expected to increase device utilization by 100 % in the next two years. Teachers are being expected to be well-versed with these, so that they spend more time in teaching the concept rather than understanding the complexity of the device.

 Learn How to Establish Relationships

This is the most natural quality expected out of a teacher. Considering the fact that you aren’t working in your own country, you’ll have to start spending time with people to learn more and form your own support system. This is quite necessary to keep you motivated and accustomed to the way things work in this nation.

Know How to Maintain your Online Reputation

Might seem something new, but you should know how to keep ‘digital literacy’ in your favor. Make sure the information you provide on websites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter is accurate. Also make sure that you’re on the right social networking websites and a part of groups pertinent to your field and subject. Regularly participate in various discussions held on them to stay updated and in the radar of potential hiring managers for better employment prospects.

Be a Geek Innovatively

The utmost thing required from a modern day teacher is to be innovative and try new things to keep the students interested. Being a teacher in the UAE, you need to be thorough with ample research in your subject and look for new information persistently. This will help you to challenge your students and engage them in a dialogue in class.

The skills you need as a teacher furthermore extend to be numerous. But, with the ones discussed above kept in mind, you’ll surely do a great job. UAE awaits all those with the zeal to excel in this field. It’s your call to make it through. Good luck!



About the author

Author: Anshuman Kukreti

Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics relating to employment across the gulf. Reach him @ LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

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