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10 Common interview questions

by Archana, Friday, 10th July 2009

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Review the below questions and work out on this. You will find some strategies and guidelines to answer the questions.
1. Tell me about yourself:
It is a common question asked by many interviewers to open the meeting or an interview. I suggest you to answer as follows: Answer a 60 – 90 second scenario that takes you from your name (or your choice of a starting point) and move to the present. The first 30 seconds should be an overview of your educational background and the essence of your professional career. The last 30 – 60 seconds should highlight your previous jobs, keying in on 4 or 5 of your assets which will benefit the organization.
This approach has some advantages. Firstly, you are able to demonstrate powerful communication skills under a stressful condition. Secondly, it allows you to give a broad sketch of your background and to share information that will help you to connect with the interviewer, possibly identifying common interests. Finally, when you summarize your assets relates to the company needs you are gaining a positive impression from your interviewer.
2. Why did you leave your last job?
Don’t point out any problem which you had with the management or with your coworkers. Always try to be in the positive side. Keep smiling and say you are trying for better opportunities or if you have any genuine reason that sounds positive you are open to discuss to the interviewer. ‘Answer to the situation’ works in this place.
3. What are your weaknesses?
This question is very tricky and helps the interviewer to evaluate you a certain level. The interviewer actually wants to know how well you handle it. Many times, I have faced this question and even I asked this while interviewing the candidates. Be careful and don’t say any of your negatives. You could answer it like I think that all have weakness and strength like two sides of a coin. I always concentrate and try to keep maximum perfection whatever I do that is my success in my life and career so I prefer to concentrate on my positives and make them more powerful. And who always thinks about his weaknesses his life will be a greater failure. This question can be asked in another way for example: What was the biggest mistake you ever made in your career? From this question the interviewer is trying to find out your weakness. If you answer this then probably next question will be about your strengths.
4. What are your strengths?
You must be mentioned your career achievements and strength in your CV. Go through it before the interview. You can add any of your noticeable achievements and can connect it to your strength or personal trait.
One most important fact which you must remember is; don’t simply say that you are a hard worker, flexible to handle changes, workaholic etc. Whatever you say you must support it with example. You can tell the interviewer if you received a comment or letter or any other achievements through your positive quality. You can point out your interpersonal skills and cooperation with coworkers if you are working in a multi cultural environment or if you gain something through your personal or team effort in your previous assignments will be a fruitful answer to this question.
5. Why should I hire you?
It’s a very common question in most of the interview. From this question, the interviewer wants to know how you differ from other candidates. Your answer should relate to your skills, your knowledge, your manageability and your capability to do the prescribed job. The interviewer wishes to hear examples of your skills and accomplishments, how you utilized it in your previous job, how you will make use of it if they hire you and how it makes you a best candidate for the job?
Another question that may relate to the above questions is about your accomplishments in your career/Why do you think that you are a better candidate for this position as compared to other candidates?
6. Why do you want to work for our company?
It looks like a very simple question but from this question, the interviewer actually analyzes your knowledge about the job, work environment of the company more, the profile or business of the company and your interest towards the position you applied. Never say that the salary offered by the company is attracted you to apply for the position. I know that is actually in your mind but it might make a negative impression on you. So don’t say this truth to your interviewer.
7. What are your career objectives?
From this question the interviewer wants to know how realistic you are in your profession and how you envision your future. High achievers are those people who have defined aims for themselves. So you must say what you expect to be in your career and how your goals mesh with company’s goals.
8. Are you a risk taker?
The hint which you must understand from this question is the interviewer actually wants to know that whether you are a leader or follower, creative or unimaginative. Best you play the middle of the road game. Because if you praise yourself as a risk taker, you are building a negative impression about your character. Here also your experience must speak.
9. How well do you handle stress?
 We live in a stressful society so being able to handle it effectively is important. This question is asked by the interview to know how you handle the job stress. You don’t need to go in depth with your answer. Keep it general and simple. E.g. for this answer; Stress depends upon the way we handle the situation. So it depends to how we are organized at work and how we analyze a situation or a problem. Firstly I will analyze the matter and respond to it what I have in front of me. It helps me to avoid stress, up to a limit. I enjoy working in challenging environment because it can add more experience to my career. Say one e.g. about a stressful situation which you had at your previous work and how did you handle it. Remember that your answer should be very positive. Don’t blame any of your superiors or coworkers to show that you are a risk taker or you handle the situation better than others.
Another related question is; how you make a decision?
one another related question to this might be; how you make a decision?
10. What is success to you?
The best answer is one that speaks about your career achievements or organizational goal which you achieved through your effort without compromising any other area of your life. Success is deferent for everyone but it is an accomplishment of everybody’s goal.
These are the most common interview questions (general) rest might be about your previous job and about core of your profession etc.
Some other general questions I am giving below for your information.
• What attracts you to apply for this position?
• Are you a team player or do you prefer work independently?
• How do you deal with criticism and can you describe a time when you were criticized for poor performance?
• If you are selected for this position then when will you be able to start with us soon?
• What do you know about the position we are looking to fill?
• Do you feel that you might over-qualified for this position?
• What is the most difficult situation you have ever had to face?
• Can you give two or three future trends in our industry?
• What type of people do you find it difficult or uncomfortable to work with?
• How good you are in terms of delegation of responsibility?
Concluding with a last word, Be confident and well prepared before an interview.
Good Luck.


About the author

Author: Archana, Singapore

Archana Unnikrishnan holds a Master degree in International Business from University of Wollongong and working with Akamai Technologies, Singapore. She is a young graduate with passion in helping others in their career choice and job hunt. She is an active networker who value relationships, you can reach her through linkedin

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Sadra Lee , Dubai/ Singapore , UAE/ Singapore :

Dear Archana,

Its a very useful one.

Expect to see more from you.


Sadra Lee.
11/07/2009 1:41:25 AM

prameela , kottayam , india :

Well done. I an very interesting your new attempt.
17/07/2009 1:13:43 AM

MANOJ , Dubai , U A E :

Dear Archana,

It was a good questionnaire and on discussing it,i found it to be very helpful in terms of having a broad idea on the answers of these questions


05/03/2010 4:34:34 AM

Syeda , Hyderabad , India :

Hi Archana,

It is very usefull information for job hunters....... Thank you so much.

If You could breif us with lots of example answers then that would be great.

Thank you

07/07/2011 1:03:17 AM

owais khan , hyderbad , indian :

thank for this information it give confindence to face the interview for fresher thank you so -----------much

owais khan
26/08/2011 4:09:18 AM

Saleh Ahmed , Raytown, Mo , USA :

Thank you, very helpful, and I am trying to land a job in the Gulf Countries.
I do have the experience in interview questions in the USA, but, I don't have any idea how they do it in the GCC.
03/09/2011 9:58:58 PM

haashim , dubai , uae :


thanks for your tips
04/11/2011 1:24:42 PM

RENI JAMES , Bangalore , India :

Very helpful..
08/05/2012 4:53:53 AM

mhel magnaye , batangas , philippines :

dear archana,

thank you for sharing this one...
iam looking forward to this, i know it will help me in my future plans to aplly abroad..hope you will continue doing this couraging idea... God bless and more power...........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
18/05/2012 10:19:07 AM

vipin , DUBAI , United Arab Emirates :

22/06/2013 12:31:57 PM

Hussain , dubai , UAE :

General and important Questions for interview..i agree but every one is looking for other part that is missing...
25/03/2014 10:47:37 AM

Shagufta , Dubai , UAE :

Hi mam! I've read the information provided by you for an interview, it's very useful as this is my 1st job interview in my 18 years of teaching experience. I'm very nervous I don't know why. Will you be able to help me to get out of this fear. Thank you dear!
07/05/2014 1:01:25 AM

aboo naushad , dubai , uae :

hi dear sister,
thank you for sharing this helpful information. and please continue it
thanks a lot
21/05/2014 3:19:20 AM

Nelson , uae , UAE :

Hi sir..
It helps for youth lots, liked it.
thank you .
16/07/2014 4:06:00 AM

atif mohammed , hyderabad , india :

Archana it is really helpful information to face the interview think you god bless you
Atif mohammed
14/10/2014 4:00:36 PM

sameer thekkil , kasaragod,kerala , india :

mind blowing sister.
done a great job
helps alot to the freshers
giving extra confidence
do anticipate further snapshots of excellence
08/12/2014 3:12:43 AM


hi, its very usefull and helps to all get a better chance in their life. thanku
08/03/2015 9:51:15 AM

omikabhat , jammu and kashmir , india :

Hii.....I am dr .Omika Bhat ....I have done BDS from I want to do job in Dubai....plzz guide me....what I do now there any scope NY country like there scope ....then what's the procedure.....what will be exams....for that.....what will be syllabus of that exams....when will be that exams...where will be that exams will be conduct ....what will be the salary ....if we work in Dubai like country after BDS.....Dubai is a safe country for girls or not .............
03/04/2015 12:11:58 PM

Mohammad Ajmal , Bahawalnagar , Pakistan :

This is very useful information for new comers who wish to be enlighten with interview skills and make their life settled not only for themselves but also to support family...
16/05/2015 1:46:58 PM

Sanam Khan , Dubai , United Arab Emirates (UAE) :

Thank you !!
25/01/2016 3:20:10 AM

Jerome , Manila , Philippines :

I find this information as a helpful tips for all the job seekers. I'm gonna review all of this as I will be trying to find a job in Dubai this coming March.
16/02/2016 6:04:52 AM


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