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Top Job sites/Recruitment websites/Job portal

Top Job sites/Recruitment websites/Job portal
by abraham » Wednesday, 1st September 2010 03:20 pm

Apart from the transitional job sites (Monster, careerbuilder etc), there are other leading job sites that help you to search other job boards (, they act as a career search engine.

Global Presence
U.S.'s largest online job site, puts over 1 million jobs in front of poised job seekers wherever they are - at home or at work - in print and on the Internet. More than 23 million unique visitors come to the site every month to check out the opportunities in every industry, field and job type.
Leading online global careers network. Presence in 50 countries around the world.
With more than millions of job listings worldwide, Simply Hired is one of the largest job search engines. Our mission is to build the best search engine for finding jobs in the simplest, most efficient way possible.
A Professional network, a real tool for headhunters, you can discover inside connections that can help you land jobs and close deals. Have a section to post and distribute job listings to find the best talent for your company.

Top Job sites in UAE
New to UAE market

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Job sites and Job Portals in Dubai
by abraham » Tuesday, 11th January 2011 07:03 am

Being the center of trade and commerce, Dubai has officially been the popular destination for job seekers from different countries across the globe. There a lot of high-income jobs that await every individuals in Dubai offered by different companies from different industries one can imagine. Its petroleum industry truly paved the way to so many possibilities. One of which is the online recruitment processes that almost every companies are adapting to in finding a great many applicants from around the world. Thus, Job sites and Job Portals in Dubai have flourished both in favour of the job seekers and the job providers in Dubai.

There are hundreds of Job sites and Job Portals one can find online. You just need to broaden and widen your choices and have more patience in simmering down the job sites you come across with online. These sites truly has provided a faster, more effective recruitment solutions to companies not only in Dubai but across the globe. They usually provide lists of job employers seeking certain professionals, as well as inform job seekers who are usually registered in these sites of updated listings of jobs available in Dubai and in other parts of UAE. Although, much as you are equipped with a lot of job options from your online job search, you must be organized with your search and should be taking note of the jobs you have sent your resume to as well as the companies you have applied in. Seeking and finding jobs among these Job sites and Portals in Dubai isn’t at all enough. You have to get to know at list a bit of these companies you have applied in.

Most companies just call you up front to inquire of your availability for an interview. You have to be ready for it and set your own schedules. You wouldn’t want to overlap your scheduled interviews and end up problematic as to which should come first. It happens to a lot of job seekers out there. So it pays to be organized and be as prepared as one should be.

To name a few of these Job sites and Job Portals in Dubai are,,,,, Dubizzle, Emirates Ads,,,, Gulf News,, Khaleej Times, The Emirates Network,, TotalJobs, etc.

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