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Sample CVs

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CVs are the first point to sell yourself, your CV must be well enough to get the attraction of the recruiter and thus lead to a call for the interview. In UAE, recruitment agencies role cannot ignore in the hiring process. Your CV is analysed by the consultant before it reach to the client. Usually the consultant take only less than 30 seconds to have a look at your CV to find it relevant for further analysis, this 30 seconds are crucial and your CV must attract the recruiter.

Some important Points

  • Analyse the job details and format your CV exploiting your skill set relevant to the job. Its fun for the recruiter to get a CV for the position of CEO from a college dean, But his CV can get the attraction if he build it focusing on his skills that is relevant to the position of CEO.
  • Make error free CV, spellings are important, mention the position name in the subject line or as advertised by the recruiter.
  • While applying in UAE, remember to add your nationality, Visa status, UAE/International Driving licence (if you have one).
  • Employees look for candidate who is on depended visa (Student visa, Husbands, fathers, mothers, and sponsorship), so mention that in your CV.
  • If you are sending the resume to the recruitment consultancies draft the resume in WORD FORMAT because they have an acceptable format to forward to the client. MS WORD or PDF documents are acceptable when you send the CV directly to the employer.


This traditional approach lists educational and work achievements in chronological date order format. The reverse chorological is widely accepted because the format lists job history beginning with the most recent job listed first. Here you emphasize job titles and employers and narrate in detail duties and responsibilities. Relevant skills and achievements can add to the employment section. This format shows progression through education and employment and is useful for new graduates with work experience relevant to the job they are applying. You can prefer reverse chronological if your recent employers and/or job titles are impressive, seeking and staying in the same career field or your history shows progress. This format is acceptable for traditional types of occupations such as accountancy or law. If you have gaps in your employment history or a lot of information that might not be relevant to the employer, then the Skills format might be better to use.

Skills based

A well study of the job requirements is required before drafting your CV. Skills based Cvs list some of the skills that the employer is looking for, with your education and work experience following on. The CV drafted in such a way showing the skills using examples from all areas of your life, including University, part-time work, voluntary work, leisure activities and interests. This format does not normally follow date order and can therefore "hide" any periods of inactivity that a traditional CV might highlight. Therefore, the applicant has carefully considered the requirements while writing the CV and the employer should find it easy to find evidence of all of their criteria. Prefer this format when you are changing career fields, you have changed employers frequently, you want to de-emphasize age, you have been recently absent from the job market or have gaps in employment.


In academic type of CV, your focus is to give prominence to your academic achievements and research interests. Format your CV by first listing your education and qualifications followed by research activities, experience, publications and conference experience. Mention any special features of your course, for example, industrial visits, placements, IT packages, group work or presentations.

Samples CVs

Fresh Graduates
Fresh Graduates


Executive /  In-house Sales /  Senior


Junior /  PR /  Retail /  Account Manager /  International Sales


Electrical /  Civil1 /  Civil 2 /  Mechanical /  Oil, Power and Gas


Health Care:
Nurse /  Doctor


Accountant /  Cost Accountant


Human Resources:
HR Consultant /  Senior


Executive /  Senior




Executive /  Senior